Friday, October 25, 2013

Rahul Gandhi's statement on Muzaffarnagar riot: Will he speak about Congress inaction on implementing Sri Krishna Commission report on Mumbai riots?

It was realy shocking to read about Rahul Gandhi's speech and his 'revelations' regarding Muzaffarnagar riots in the political rally at Indore.

Already, other aspects about his speech have come under criticism. But I am especially amazed as it comes from the man whose party has failed to act on the recommendations of Sri Krishna Commission panel which conducted probe in one of the worst communal riots that occurred in Mumbai in 1992-93.

Congress was the ruling party in Maharashtra then. For 20 years, victims have waited for justice and successive CONGRESS governments in Maharashtra, that promise implementing the report every time before election, have not acted on the promises.

Rahul Gandhi hasn't spoken a word about the conduct of Congress-NCP led state government. It was under Congress chief minister Sudhakar Rao Nai, that two separate rounds of rioting had led to nearly 2,000 deaths in Mumbai, which was known as Bombay then.

For those who felt that Rahul wants to change things for good and is in favour of clean politics, this speech his come as a letdown. Those accused of rioting, particularly, the policemen were not prosecuted. The personel who fired at innocents were saved at every step.

Still, successive Chief Ministers from Vilas Rao Deshmukh to Prithvi Raj Chouhan haven't shown any interest in implementing the Justice Sri Krishna Report. How does Congress has the cheek to talk about riots and justice!  Firstly, don't promise if it is not your intent to act.

During previous elections Congress leaders have been promising that they would do implement the report once they come to power. Accusations of framing Muslims in false cases in Maharashtra, are well-known. The state has one of the largest number of Muslims in prison. Has he ever voiced his concern about it?

Given his hold over the party, he could have got it done easily. Just a few days back, he had 'torn the bill' on convicted politicians and this ensured that Rashid Masood and Lalu Yadav have lost their Lok Sabha seats. Why don't we see such a step from him over riots? Instead, there is just hurtful rhetoric.

Secondly, the speech was objectionable, as he made a remark linking Muzaffarnagar riot victims with Pakistan. Either he doesn't understand Indian Muslims at all or he has strange people around him on whose inputs, he made this weird statement.

Martyr Firoz Khan
As an Indian Muslim, I strongly object to the community being used as a tool to settle political scores.

Further, by suggesting the possibility of neighbouring country's agencies trying to poach riot victims, he linked 'Indian Muslims' with "Pakistan', something that really hurts.

Intelligence guys may imagine things or even make guesses as it is part of their job. Once an intelligence officer had even made a foolish comment that he 'heard' that Muslims in Hyderabad, put up photograph of Pakistani leader in their homes.

He later accepted that he hadn't gone to any such house or seen such a photo. People can say utterly foolish things but should Rahul Gandhi use them to strengthen old stereotypes?

It was insensitive as for decades after independence, Muslims heard barbs and accusations about their being 'fifth columnists'. This had almost come to an end now. Indian Muslims can't be used by any outside power against their motherland. Any such suggestion is objectionable, howsoever, we suffer. 

I totally denounce the statement 

I really don't understand if he is immature or plain naive to believe anything he gets to hear and then accepts it as Gospel truth. Of course, to say it publicly is also wrong. Knowingly or unknowingly he ventured into something which Indian Muslims really detest.

Barely a week ago, an Indian Muslim army-man laid down his life on the border. He had been sanctioned leave but decided to stay back because of firing at LoC, and achieved martyrdom. If you can't take the name of martyr Lance Naik Feroz Khan, then please don't talk about this imaginary possibility either.

Till a few decades back, we often heard certain members of the right-wing parties drawing these parallels but when Rahul Gandhi says something like that, then there is surely something seriously wrong with the Congress.