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Thursday, November 21, 2013

BJP honours Muzaffarnagar riot-tainted leaders: Should a national party stoop so low?

For a party that has ruled India, and aspires to rule it once again, it was definitely a cheap act.

Felicitating the party MLAs who are facing charges of incitement during Muzaffarnagar riots, doesn't behove a forward looking national party.

But the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has just done the indefensible. The Congress, BJP CPM, BSP are all different parties because their ideologies are different.

It is understandable. But when a party openly felicitates such politicians, it doesn't set a good example. The BJP wants to position itself as India's party for the future.

Such actions won't help the BJP. Perhaps, it may get a few extra votes through polarisation in the region through its appeasement of the rogue and fanatic right-wing elements. 

But in process it has lost much more. Though there was criticism, the party went ahead with its plan. It was immoral, indecent and unbecoming of a 'responsible' party to act in such a manner. The MLAs--Sangeet Som and Suresh Rana, were garlanded.

They were presented the traditional head gears and were felicitated. Som is accused of fanning communal hatred through internet by uploading a fake video [belonging to another country]. Even after the arrest, one of the legislators was accused of updating his Facebook page from jail, and putting up objectionable material.

A complaint in this regard has also been filed with the police. How can the party take moral high ground over Congress or any other party.

Time and again BJP attempts to take the proper CENTRE-OF-RIGHT position but then it again drifts towards the LOONY RIGHT wing.

Indeed, the party crossed the laxman rekha. It is lucky though in the sense that media hasn't been too harsh over the party over it. 


Balajee Diwakar said...

I have not still been convinced whether it was the right thing to project Modi as the PM candidate for BJP. In the process key allies and potential allies have not joined NDA and there it is almost non-existant. Further, instead of fighting the election on development and challenging UPA on corruption, this has become a personality driven campaign by Modi. And to top it all they are promoting communal agenda in selected pockets by openly honouring people responsible for inciting riots. This was expected with Amit Shah being sent to UP as BJP election head. Let us see all the expeccted avtars of Modi -- people are saying there are three Modis -- Development Modi, Hindutva Modi and OBC Modi. the first two have already been unveiled and my guess is that the third version will be unveiled in the Hindi heartland soon.

Anonymous said...

Why is your opinion about BJP so one-sided?

Don't you know that the so-called secular parties do the most communal things under the burqa of secularism?

Do you know that most riots have happened under the rule of the so-called secular parties?

Why only one minority has issues? Why only one sect has lagged behind? Why only one community has special demands/needs/laws? Why only one group stands out?

Does the problem lie somewhere where you refuse to look?

Are you afraid of the BJP??
Dont be. They are better for minorities than the secular ones. They might show you the mirror though. Dont be afraid to face your demons.

editor said...

ANON: Please read my other posts. See it in this way, that as a major party, I expect BJP to improve. It means that I had expectations that it would replace BJP, but it doesn't do that, sadly, it remains stuck in communal acts. It should try to reach out to Muslims (who were really fed up with Congress). But...

Anonymous said...

"BJP is stuck in communal acts", is only a ploy by the (so called) secular parties. They tell you what you want to hear.

In Mirzapur, Lalu asks one particular community vote to for secular parties otherwise Modi will become PM. Sibal says yesterday, vote for congress or 1947 will be repeated. Dixit says, if you vote for Modi, riots will follow. These statements are most divisive & dangerous.

Not wearing a topi makes someone communal. Having no riots in the state for more than a a decade means nothing. The riots themselves were in reaction to something is almost forgotten.

If the so-called secular parties are doing worse things under the veil of secularism, what else remains to be said about them? the debate of communal / secular ends there.

But sawan ke andhe ko, so on and so forth.

Do not expect EVERYONE to be blind and refuse to see the reality.

Can you throw some light on the earlier question: Why only one minority has issues? Why only one sect has lagged behind? Why only one community has special demands/needs/laws? Why only one group stands out?

Ravi said...

What is wrong in this?
you seem to have problem with anything bjp does..