Saturday, November 16, 2013

Halwa-Paratha: Have you eaten this mouth-watering Indian delicacy?

Halwa-paratha is a unique dish. You find it at most Indian mela(s) [fairs].

I am sure after seeing the photograph, you would also be tempted to try it.

As you can see in this photograph, the halwa is mouth-watering.

It is sold mostly in makeshift shops on the roadsides. Its sweet thought not excessively and melts in your mouth.

The halwa is garnished and its a delight to see it. The huge paratha that accompanies it is also quite tasty.

The halwa-paratha is a desi dish and  hence comes quite cheap. For Rs 30-50, you can get enough halwa along with a piece of the Paratha.

It tastes great at the shop, when its hot. Some people prefer only the Paratha, which also has a taste different from the traditional paratha. In fact, the way they are made, you can call them 'giant puris'. In my childhood, I visited a fair on a regular basis with my cousin brother.

I enjoyed the visits all the more because as he was fond of paratha, I got to eat most of the halwa, without having to share that with him. Apart from fairs, it is also sold in specific periods during the year. For example, during Shab-e-Barat, Milad-un-Nabi or Id, you may find it in the Muslim localities.

Also, there are high chances that if a Sufi Saint's Urs is being held, there would be the halwa-paratha shop in the vicinity. Earlier also, I had written a post about Indian Fairs and the food at these mela-thelas. You can read it HERE.