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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Salman Khan meets Narendra Modi, sets social media ablaze: Of rights, wrongs and expectations...

The moment reports about Bollywood star Salman Khan's meeting with Narendra Modi, started appearing on Tuesday afternoon, social networking sites were flooded with comments.

It was inferred that he had endorsed the latter for the post of PM. 
Khan didn't say directly about who should be the Prime Minister. 

But said that God would decide the best man and then also pointed at Modi, saying that "there is a good man standing amongst us". 

The middle-aged star also had lunch with Modi. The Gujarat chief minister also tweeted about his meeting with Salman. 

Many Muslims seemed upset with Khan, who had recently gone to Saifai despite criticism that while riot victims were denied relief, the Chief Minister was having fun with Bollywood actors. 

While Alia Bhatt, had apologised and her father Mahesh Bhatt said that it was the failure of his upbringing that she went to participate in the event. Khan had defended the decision then also. There were sarcastic comments from different sides and that how film stars can go anywhere to dance, if they are offered money. 

Now many of his fans are hurt. There are angry posts and even cartoons mocking Khan. Even in the post-partition era, the most idealistic stars who were staunch communists, didn't lead the kind of life which they propagated. 

Among stars, Salman Khan has a very strong appeal among Muslim youths. He is the person whose posters with skullcap on his head, are seen in Muslim localities. In coming days, there could be protests on the streets in different cities. 

The effigies may also be burnt. Perhaps, the fans, have a right, to be upset. But isn't it irrational to expect that you star will always be politically correct and always behave in accordance with your affiliations and expectations.

There were posts on Facebook that how could Salman Khan meet Modi? After 1992-93 Mumbai riots, who had stopped meeting Congress leaders or the then Chief Minister Sudhakar Rao Naik, though more people were killed in those riots than Gujarat 2002.

The billionaire stars act in politically correct manner just because they tend to avoid controversies. It is not about taking stand or not taking stand. Salman Khan's act may anger his Muslim fans, but it can also boost his image among his hardliner right-wing fans. 

The criticism is that if celebrities, especially, the Muslims, keep meeting Modi, then it will give credibility to the latter. May be, such things slowly and steadily have an impact. The fear among certain sections is that the anti-Modi stance will get diluted. 

Many 'secular Hindus' were also upset with his 'endorsement of Modi'. But why? If he is a Muslim he is supposed to be anti-Modi? There is no logic in it. Then, all Hindus should be pro-Modi. But the biggest opponents of Modi are Hindus, aren't they? 

Either we talk in terms of activism, legal fraternity, political class or police officers, majority of those opposing him are not Muslims. Similarly, to expect that Muslims are monolithic to such an extent that everybody is expected to act in the same manner is absurd.

Why should we expect that Salman Khan or any other celebrity will take a stand. There is no surprise. With general elections a few months from now, we will see such occurrences and 'controversies' on a regular basis.

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2. Sudhakarrao Naik and Congress' role in Mumbai riots


Anonymous said...

why dont you just say that you disapprove of this meeting?

why r u pretending to indicate that 'its fine'?

you think statements like 'with elections round the corner, we should expect more of such occurrences' or 'muslims are not monolithic' projects u to be a modern person with open mind? u could have done better than that for that.

editor said...

Because I am not against his meeting Narendra Modi. My point is that there is no need to expect that someone will meet X, Y or Z.

I think you didn't read the article fully. It also says that Congress leaders accused of riots weren't ostracised.

It is purely his personal decision.And you can kindly post your name as well, dear Anon.

Anonymous said...

so this is personal decision.

what about ummah? have u noticed how conveniently 'modern' muslims like u switch between ummah and personal decision? the uneducated (or madarssa educated) ones are at least consistent in their stand that every action of a mozzie is action of a brother. folks like u, otoh, want to have the cake & eat it too.

if it was a personal decision of no significance, why it made headlines on ur site? and on other media outlets? do u see ajay devgn meeting modi making headline? or vivek oberoi praising modi? no. would you be surprised if salman received threats? no sane person would be.

at least be consistent.

take a stand that salman praising modi is an exception. exceptions should be rejected. he has set a bad example. we must be united in rejecting modi. no other point-of-view is welcome. any other point-of-view being advocated will be dealt with appropriately. u may not use such harsh words, but be consistent in ur approach.

the other stand u could take is: modi has done development of his state. yes riots have happened but they have happened everywhere and on bigger scale. does anyone even remember who was the CM of maharashtra during mumbai riots? or of bihar during bhagalpur riots? so why only one incidence is being made to remain etched in memories of muslims? yes modi had acted with an iron-fist on those who were rejoicing and were emboldened by the train burning incident. otherwise they would have done worse things. he did the right thing. he must be supported. salman has set a good example.

dont swing both ways.

i will post my name when honest opinions can be given fearlessly by anyone and everyone. i m not afraid of u, but of u know who. and not for myself, but for my loved ones. noticed my honesty?

editor said...

Read the first line, there was anger about his decision to meet Modi, hence I wrote it and made my stand clear.

When others meet, there are also headlines. You probably don't read newspapers properly.

Secondly, I run a blog, and I have to keep writing. It is an itch to write. Samjha kijiye bhai!

I never said that about 'your fear', I just said it because it looks good if you write with your name.

Voice of Youth said...

There is no logic in this controversy. Salman might have met Modi for tourism development ads, which is purely professional. Even salman khan didn't endorsed Modi as PM.

There are few people who are instigating this controversy with their hidden interest.

Come on you guys, we all are human beings, unfortunately divided by religions.

Anonymous said...

so u r angry over this meeting and there4 disapprove of it. thats what i said.

and since u happen to be a open-minded, modern, educated, english-speaking member of the community, it is no rocket science to conclude how 'monolithic' the view of the community shall be. so, like i said earlier, dont swing both ways.

an additional piece of info: u surely know that salman is child of a hindu mother who converted? its again not rocket science to conclude that if the hindus had even 1% monolithic view of things (comparatively), India would be a different country. just to remind you (again?), 2002 riots were happened after something. dont see and hear only what u want to see and hear.

editor said...

Anonymous: After seeing your multiple comments, I have finally realised that you need to seriously improve your English. You know very well that I am not at all angry with his meeting Narendra Modi. It is not at all my business, he can meet anyone he wishes to. Please stop wasting your time at my blog. I hate to block comments and that's the only reason, I am still letting your comments published here.

Anonymous said...

In your earlier comment "Read the first line, there was anger about his decision to meet Modi, hence I wrote it and made my stand clear", what was the stand u were conveying?

English is not the judge of anything & everything.

please block after publishing this comment. that would at lease be along expected lines.

editor said...

Read the post, it was written in the context of comments, hurt and anger expressed on social media ....the hurt and anger among many people.....not mine.

Ur D said...

Mody is such a dump choice that even Salman can get it right. :)
Salman was not sure what humans inhale and exhale as they breathe.