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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Terrorist or 'Rebel': Bodo terrorists kill 70 in Assam, yet it is not 'Terrorism'

The heavily armed members of banned outfit, fired on unarmed women and children, killing at least 70 persons in cold blood, and yet this is not termed as a 'terrorist attack'!

This has happened once again in India. On Tuesday, as details began emerging--the death toll rising from 11 to 34, and later crossing 50, most of the TV channels avoided the story.

On certain English channels, it was visible in the scroll, but many 'national channels' had no time for it. For them, results of Jammu & Kashmir election, was the sole important story of the day.

Certain channels had changed their entire home page on the website for the day, and it had nothing except poll results. Such was the brutality that a kid was shot seven times. LINK

Of those dead, around 40 were women and children. Yet none of the major news groups termed it a 'terrorist attack' in plain words, despite the fact that NDFB(S) is also a banned outfit just like Naxals, SIMI or other such extremist outfits.

In fact, words used in morning newspapers on Wednesday, showed the attitude of Indian media towards such acts. Even word like militant, radical or extremist was avoided in the newspapers. For Hindi papers, they are 'Ugravadi' not 'Aatankvadi'. Strange.

Telegraph, which is published from Kolkata (West Bengal), a state neighbouring Assam, carried the news in brief on its front page. See news encircled in red on the left. That's how they treat such a massacre, despite the number of deaths!

The headlines were either 'Massacre in Assam' or 'Rebels kill 40', [not terrorists kill 40 or 70] forget bold headlines which are otherwise visible, along with photographs and adjoining stories of outrage. Why? Do you have any answer? Later, in follow-up stories, most papers termed it as 'Assam violence'.

Many papers didn't carry the news on front page. In fact, there have been incidents when one or two persons injured in a suspected extremist attack, has been enough to shake the nation, because of the hysteric round-the-clock coverage. So who is a terrorist and who is a militant or a rebel? Time for definition!


If gunshots don't make it a terror attack, then there is another example. Just three days ago, a blast in Manipur had killed three migrants. It wasn't a 'terrorist attack' either for TV channels and newspapers.

Clearly, if the perpetrator is a Maoist or a non-Muslim group, there there is no need for outrage. Numbers are just numbers. There is no outrage, nothing about modules, leaders of the outfit, its members, its aims, its past history and its 'threat to the nation'.

Dangerous Distinction: Indian media must introspect, be objective in reporting

It is very clear that our media indulges has double standards in covering incidents, depending on ethnicity or religion of the perpetrators.

Why else, one of the biggest massacres on Indian soil, in recent years, was simply hushed up?

Once incident in which no one is killed may be termed a 'terrorist attack' and another in which dozens are killed, could be simply hushed up or ignored.

Whether knowingly or unknowingly, whether for TRP or because of biased mindsets, this is happening regularly.

It is poisoning the society. Certain incidents are blown up and panic is created by non-stop coverage while others are blacked out. Shouldn't journalists and media houses be objective and show the correct picture or at least adhere to a certain guideline and agree to using similar terms for similar acts of violence irrespective of perpetrating group and its ethnicity.

If one incident in which 70 persons are killed, is not termed terrorism and the story is not splashed on front page, and only particular incidents are treated as 'cases of terror', then, it is very dangerous game, as it is calculated game to condition minds, stuff biases in the minds of people and misinform the society. Isn't it?


rohan sharma said...

I have been following your blog from many years but i am sorry to say that what you are trying to do now is add fuel to fire among already uneducated and illiterate fellows.

There has been a tendency among muslims to project themselves as the holy cows and paint everyone else as a devil. They break every every law in their ghettos across the country and then make an outcry citing the same laws.

They have created 100% majority zones in almost every prominent city and then blackmail as a powerful votebank and act as sarkari damaad.

Now if their names overlap with that of global terrorists then why they can't use indigenous Indian names like pawan or ambar , i can't see anything unislamic in that.

How do you expect police to differentiate abu hamza of bangladesh or pakistan from that of aminabad , its not written on forehead of someone, and its your misconception that security officials are damn fools that they arrest anyone they like , why they never arrested you or any of your friends from lucknow , why only from bihar or bengal get arrested because its where the ISI has got a strong base and Security personnel are more concerned about the security of this great nation rather than doing coffee table gossips.

editor said...

Not at all. On the contrary, you have begun seeing the 'Muslim', as not your own but as 'the other' and hence this is what you feel. Try to be more inclusive and you will realise the truth. By the way this post is about Bodo terrorism. They do seem to be 'sarkaari damaad, despite massacre of women and children, as there has been no major offensive against them & their top leadership, even as 3 lakh Indians are now in refugee camps after the gruesome killings.

Also, just keep track of the ISI spies caught in India, and you will find out that it is not Muslims, majority is that of Hindus. Please go and find data, before talking about such generalisations or doubting Indian Muslims' patriotism.

Dear Rohan ji, I see lot of change in your thinking. I hope you will introspect, as I keep doing. This blog has always been extremism of all hues--including Muslim.

rohan sharma said...

I have devoted much time understanding the mechanics of IB , RAW , and local police during recent times and I can say this with utmost confidence that not every officer is corrupt and they work diligently for months before cracking down any sleeper cell. This may not be published in mainstream media and some elements try to exploit these crackdowns as attack against a particular religion or sect, and I have a very simple concept regarding linking of islam , islamists and terrorism. If one thinks that a particular religion is being tainted in an incorrect fashion then the onus lies on members of that particular religion to fight out the evil and bring out the right aspects but unfortunately the deadly combination of jehaalat and jazbaatiyat is not letting any progress on this front.

One can't expect non muslims to fight out global islamists with muslims acting passively and rely on age old tactics that these violent activities of global jehadis are anti islamic , it is the duty of muslims to protect islam because we are at a crucial junction in human history where muslims have forgotten the concept of tafakkur and taddabur and just rely on black mailing tactics to get a clean chit and according to me this is the prime cause ( along with sarkari damaad stance ) for the phenomenal rise of right wing in Indian politics.