Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wake up to stop India's march towards Hindu Rashtra: Man killed over rumour of eating beef in Greater Noida's Dadri


Mohammad Ikhlaq, the father of an Indian Air Force (IAF) personnel, was dragged out of his house, beaten up and murdered in cold blood.

The mob that attacked his house in Dadri in Greater Noida, near Delhi, also seriously injured one of his sons.

Akhlaq died on the spot. The mob had gone berserk after announcement from a temple that there was beef kept in the house.

It was false, say prima facie reports. The rumour led to a maniac mob resorting to the middle-aged man's lynching.

Doesn't the incident near India's national capital, clearly shows how India is marching towards 'Hindu Rashtra'?

Just a day ago, a man in Kanpur was lynched on the false suspicion that he was a 'Pakistani terrorist'. He was thrashed, and he kept saying 'Allah, Allah', and was murdered. See

Another Muslim man was killed in Delhi by policemen, recently. And yet another, by a mob in Delhi, before that. But still, no one seems to notice how the hatred against Muslims has been going up. Systematically, the

1. Day in and day out, Sadhvis and 'Saints' issue ultimatums and threaten to send any Aslam, Abid and Athar to Pakistan.

2. Hate speech has become the norm and there are hardly any FIRs and absolutely no convictions.

A BJP MLA says Muslims should sacrifice their own sons rather than goats on Baqrid.

MP Sakshi Maharaj wants Muslims' voting right to be taken away, Sadhvi Prachi and Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti talk of Muslims 'giving birth to puppies' and 'ramzada Vs haraam-zada'

There are many more from Giriraj Kishore to Sadhvi Deva Thakur, Yogi Adityanath to Shiv Sena's leaders who keep targeting Muslims. In the last 1-1/2 years, this tendency to abuse Muslims openly, has gone up.

Not just in Gujarat, but in Samajwadi Party ruled UP and Congress-ruled Karnataka things are the same. 

3. More than 139 communal incidents have been reported from a single district, Mangalore, in Karnataka, lately. But no action has been taken to rein in the Saffron vigilantes.

4. Institutions are being taken over, laws are being misused, government remains mute spectator and administration acts only after an incident.

5. In one UP village, you won't allow people to even sacrifice goats. In another place in Karnataka, a Hindu girl and Muslim talking, would lead to Muslim man being stripped and beaten up publicly. 

6. Then, rationalists are being killed all over India. Govind Pansare, Narendra Dabholkar, MM Kalburgi, have been shot dead. Many other secularists have been getting death threats.

7. Action is being taken in BJP ruled states to hurt Muslims engaged in meat business.

8. Laws have been amended and made stricter to such an extent that if a person gets caught on suspicion of carrying 'beef', it is up to him to prove his innocence.

9. The law-enforcing authorities are unable to control rioters and extremist groups within the country but, ironically, our government is more interesting in the internal situation in Nepal, and wants it to remain a Hindu Rashtra.

10. The situation within the country is such that law-and-order is collapsing. Vigilante groups and extremist organisations are calling the shots, but Prime Minister and Home Minister remain silent.

Still, it is not about Muslims alone. Of course, Muslims are the main thorn in the flesh of the 'Hindutva' leaders. But the idea of India is under attack. One after the other, It is time to wake up before it is too late.

Aditi Vatsa reported the story from Dadri ifrom  Indian Express. See link and read

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