Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Caste Terror: Two innocent children burnt alive in India's Haryana

These two children have closed their eyes for ever.

They were sacrificed at the altar of casteist hostility. Despite police protection, a Dalit family was set afire.

The children were burnt alive. These innocent kids died. Their parents are critical and battling for life in hospital.

This happened in Faridabad in Haryana, which is notorious for casteist terror. Go to hell with your caste, religion.

Three year old Vaibhav and nine-month-old Divya, are seen in this photograph. Their mother Rekha suffered critical burns while father Jitendra's condition is improving. The assailants, belonging to Rajput community, came at night, put petrol and set house on fire.

Indian Express reports that it was an act of vengeance. What vengeance against kids? Aren't we one of the most barbaric, violent nations in the world. All talk of 'ahimsa' is absolute nonsense. This is an immoral, unjust society.

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Cops, courts, none is able to provide security, basic dignity and respect.

Burn yourself, kill each other but at least spare the kids. Why did you kill these innocents.

* Will the monsters who committed the act, be arrested and sentenced to death?
* Will Haryana chief minister ML Khattar send casteist terrorists to Pakistan?

Where is humanity?
Cry, this country.