Sunday, November 08, 2015

Bihar defeats 'Beef, Pakistan' politics, setback for Narendra Modi: Electorate reject communal, divisive election campaign

Bihar has shown the way once again.

The electorate of one of the most politically aware state of the country, voted for JDU-RJD coalition and defeated Narendra Modi's BJP in the Assembly election.

The trends show that Nitish Kumar-led grand alliance was all set to win the election in a big way.

The RJD-JDU-Congress combine was well on its way towards winning more than 160 seats in the 243 member house.

Despite being Prime Minister, Narendra Modi was almost projected as the face of BJP in Bihar as there was no chief ministerial candidate.

Amit Shah, the 'master strategist' tried everything--communal and divisive statements from BEEF to PAKISTAN were used to polarise communities on religious lines.

But the people of Bihar, chose Maha Gathbandhan (MGB) and rejected the alliance of BJP, LJP, HAM and RLSP.

Clearly, the BJP's 'rainbow' coalition didn't work. Rising prices, especially, that of the tuar [arhar] daal, must have also gone against the BJP.

1. The promised 'achche din' hadn't come. Further, the attempts to vitiate communal atmosphere was visible.

2. People were witness to how an armyman's father was killed in Dadri by the beef vigilantes and how people were being lynched in different states.

3. The atrocities on Dalits and VK Singh's remarks also affected the BJP's chances. Besides, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat's comment on 'reservation' couldn't have come at a worse time for the BJP.

It surely raised anxieties among a large section of population.

4. Also, Muslims didn't vote for AIMIM despite wanting to vote for Asaduddin Owaisi.

There was fear that vote for MIM would go against MGB and each seat counted. Hence, even Akhtarul Iman seems in trouble in Kishanganj.

5. The message from Bihar is strong. Narendra Modi must deliver on his promises.

Where is the promised black money that was supposed to come. What about the 'Development Agenda?'. There are just more taxes. Tackle unemployment and inflation, rather than creating communal divide.

It's time for BJP to reign in lumpen elements, particularly, the senior members of the party and ministers, who issue certificates of nationalism to anyone and threaten anyone with diverse opinion to be sent to Pakistan.

When BJP lost in Delhi Assembly election, it was said that this was a small poll--that of a city state.

AAP's victory could have been termed a fluke, an exception. But, after Bihar verdict, Modi is no longer invincible.

100 million Indians [the population of Bihar] have decided to elect Nitish Kumar-led coalition, preferring him over BJP.

Given BJP's penchant for communalism, one may see them again resorting to similar tactics before UP election, but the writing is clearly on the wall.

They must stick to their promises, else people are getting restive. 'Beef', 'Pakistan', can't get you win elections.