Thursday, December 10, 2015

Muslims hold protest marches against Hindu Mahasabha leader but do these demonstrations serve purpose?

Tens of thousands of Muslims took to the streets in Indore to protest self-styled Hindu Mahsabha leader Kamlesh Tiwari's controversial statement.

Earlier, in Bhopal, a massive protest took place at Iqbal Maidan.

Besides, in towns like Raisen, Betul, Harda, similar protests have been held.

Initially, the protests took place in UP. Later, the protests began in other cities across India. Mahasabha has dissociated itself from Tiwari now. [Also, Tiwari has been arrested. He is the same person who had announced a reward on Owaisi's head]

It is a democratic right to hold protest and demonstrations. But what's the point when Tiwari was already arrested. Of course, it is one's right to take out processions, if you feel hurt.

Now coming to the issue of why these protests hurt Muslims. In Indore, during the demonstration, there was disorder, ruckus and some youths resorted to damaging vehicles. This was duly condemned by Muslim groups.

However, a section of media, painted a negative picture of Muslims. Though incidents in which right-wing groups brandish swords on 'Shaurya Diwas' don't lead to panic, image of Muslims on streets, prompted them to come up with extremely critical coverage.

This gives the impression that Muslims come out on the streets only on emotive issues. 
If Muslims were really hurt, shouldn't they have used legal option, like filing FIRs against Tiwari.

In case, police didn't register the case, the FIRs could have been filed through courts.

This is done by filing private complaints, so that it would have taught him a lesson to avoid provocation. But these protests are taken as show of strength by other communities and the purpose is also not served.

People like Tiwari get more attention because of these huge protests. One wondered, if similar protests, will be held on issues like promise of reservation to Muslims in UP or implementation of Sachar panel recommendations?