Thursday, December 31, 2015

'Royal' wedding in Maheshwar: Holkar scion's marriage to Godrej family girl draws attention

The era of princely states ended long ago, 68 years to be precise.

But many of them continue to be referred as 'royals' and any event in these families draw attention of the masses.

In Central India, descendants of many states including Gwalior [Scindia] and Indore [Holkar] still have clout.

Even, the self-styled 'royals' of other states like Rewa, Dewas are visible in public space.

The scions of some small states have earned more fame because of their involvement in politics.

An example is Raghogarh [Digvijaya Singh] that was a small principality, while many other big states [like Bhopal] have lost their clout because they failed to enter either business or politics and frittered away their legacy.

Recently, the Holkar dynasty was again in news as a scion of the former rulers of the erstwhile state, 'Prince' Yashwant Rao Holkar III was to get married with Nayarika [of Godrej family]. The wedding took place in Maheshwar, an ancient temple town, which was capital of Holkar state.

All the rituals were performed elaborately. There was media attention, as expected. All the events drew coverage in local channels and newspapers.

The marriage was a mix of tradition and modernity.

Villagers from the Holkar's native village were also invited.

Also, in Nazarbagh premises, the reception was held.

The Holkar family met everyone and interacted with other 'royals' as well as the rural folk who had attended the marriage.

Politicians, businessmen, socialites and a large number of people from outside the country, also came for the marriage.

Maheshwar was the capital of Ahilya Bai Holkar, the famous woman ruler of the dynasty.

All the rituals and 'puja' were held as per the family's age-old traditions.

After the marriage, the couple--Yashwant Rao and Nayarika, sought blessings of everybody.

They went for boat ride in the river. For days, it remained front page news for newspapers in Madhya Pradesh. See more photos of the marriage below.