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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Indians celebrate Republic day but Hindu Mahasabha observe Black Day: Who is patriot, who is fake nationalist?

While Indians, irrespective of their religious and political affiliations, celebrated Republic Day, there are people who observed January 26 as 'Black Day'.

The ultra right-wing Hindu Mahasabha leaders took out a protest rally.

They said that they considered Gantantra Diwas as Black Day [Kaala Diwas] and raised black flags.

The Mahasabha leaders said that they didn't have faith in Indian constitution.

The major newspapers reported how the Mahasabha leaders held the protest in Meerut.

Meerut is a communally sensitive town in Western UP, which is close to Delhi.

Strangely, despite the provocation, no case was registered in this regard.

The policemen who are generally quite swift in filing FIR, didn't slap them with case of sedition.

The Hindu Mahasabha is known to be an open supporter of right-wing extremist Nathuram Godse, who had killed Mahatma Gandhi, and was sentenced to death for the crime.


Pride for national days, symbols, flag: The self-styled 'rashtravadis' stand exposed

The self-styled nationalist brigade readily terms others as 'anti-national.

However, the truth is that Muslims who are always on target and are asked to prove patriotism, foist national flag even in Madarsas and on Mosque premises.

Even, on Haj pilgrimate, Indian contingents are seen holding the flag with pride. That's the love for tricolour.

However, the fake nationalists are exposed as they secretly love 'Saffron flag' and it is well-known that right-wing groups avoid hoisting the national flag.

More photos about Republic Day celebration at Madarsas, Darul Ulooms [seminaries] across India

1. Photos of R day celebration in Indian madarsas, seminaries
2. More pictures of Republic day celebrations at Madarsas


Ravi Gautam said...

Another propaganda post.
And by the way why you Muslims go to hajj to foreign country. That shows your loyalty is not towards India. When did u see any national flag on mosque .
Please, there is a limit of lying, all over the country those green flags with chand and star are seen in Muslims colonies, never ever a tricolor.

and nobody is asking you about your patritism. Actions speak louder than words.

editor said...

Are you really nuts, Ravi.
Firstly, if you believe in Hinduism, did Brahma ji create just one country in this entire Srishti, and imposed on other human beings that those not following one religion or not living in this land (followers of other religions not created by him, na!), can't go outside? Be sensible. If you are living in any other country like UK, US, won't you come to India. Or, arent' Hindus from other states, visiting different states to temples in other regions. Kuchh bhi? For argument sake.

Secondly, mosque don't need to fly tricolours. Do temples have national flags? No. There are saffron flags. Still, people voluntarily hoist national flag at madarsas and even mosques. Just open up your eyes. If you look at your fellow country-men as 'other', this will happen. Look with a clean eye, you will see the truth. There are photos and links for you to see, and if you are a person who wants to keep his eyes close, then it's your choice.

Anonymous said...

so if Dawood Ibrahim post a photo with 2 Indian flags in each hand, he will become a patriot.

How do we know said...

why don't you focus on highlighting that the mainstream media does not show, but madrasas do have the tricolor, instead of this hate speech on any other group? That only alienates readers like me. Trust me, we are SICK of hate mongering, negative speech, and double speak.

Just focus on the good work. And that should be enough. Quite more than enough, I think.

Anonymous said...

Are u joking mister?
if i take a photo with a German flag on my house , share it on Fb can i claim to be a proud german.
patritism is no joke mister