Thursday, February 25, 2016

Horrors of Haryana: Photos of destruction in Rohtak during Jat reservation protest, property to the tune of thousands of crores gutted

The large-scale destruction of property in cities of Haryana during the violence by Jat protesters, has left a tale of horror in Rohtak and other cities.

Schools, hospitals, shopping malls, complexes, highway toll plazas--nothing was spared by the rampaging mobs. People lost their entire belongings, their shops were looted and gutted.

[Photos by Manoj Dhaka]

Entire school buildings, buses were attacked, damaged and set afire. The classrooms were burnt and there is no place for students to sit for examination. In fact, Haryana has seen such violence that elderly citizens talked of partition riots!

The photographs below can give you an idea about the extent of damage to public property. Rohtak is a wounded city now. These images show how State government failed to check rioters. Even Army could do nothing, as it was apparently ordered not to be harsh.

[Photos by Ravi Kumar, Manoj Dhaka]

Remember, photos of Army men carrying placards 'We are Army'! Where else it would happen that army personnel dressed in the olive green fatigues, have to even raise placards? Political class has to answer for it, surely.

Women were molested and sexually assaulted. The mobs dragged women out and allegedly raped them, said reports. In fact, the extent of violence--crimes and terror in the garb of agitation, was not shown on 'national TV'. [Some photos courtesy: Hindustan Times]