Tuesday, February 02, 2016

No outrage over train, police station burnt in Andhra Pradesh: West Bengal remains BJP, right-wing's target till Assembly elections

This photo on the left shows a train in flames.

That's Ratnachal Express, which was set afire at Tuni railway station in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh.

The videos are even more scary. Not just the coaches were burnt, police station and police vehicles were also set afire but there has been 'NO OUTRAGE'.

I am forced to write this because an incident in West Bengal--ruckus at a police station and attempt to set it afire, is blown out of proportions and treated as the single biggest threat for national security, for weeks.

LINKS: Train, police station set afire in AP and VIDEO of police station being set afire

But an incident of much higher magnitude--an entire train burnt is not, and is simply ignored. There is no round the clock reporting, no reporters sent from Delhi, no political delegations visiting AP, unlike what we saw in West Bengal.

The number of policemen injured is also many times more, than in Malda. However, Arnab Goswami is not at all agitated. So is Rahul Kanwal. Hindi TV channels are also silent.

The aim of this post is just to show how a pin that drops in West Bengal would be a national security threat, but if a pole falls elsewhere, it would be ignored. The reason is that BJP wants to win election in 'West Bengal'.

It [the BJP] just knows one way to win election--by communal polarisation, riots and creating religious divide. It has perfected it in the last three decades. So official machinery, its IT team, its online army, everybody is out to blow things out of proportions in states that are going to polls--Assam, West Bengal and later, UP.

Also, states where BJP or its allies rule, won't see negative reporting. So governments in states like Bihar would be the target. There will be no outrage over Manawar [Dhar] in MP but there will be national outrage over 'Malda' and 'Burdwan'.

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