Monday, March 14, 2016

Caste killings in Southern India: Dalit man butchered for marrying Upper caste girl in Tamil Nadu

In a horrific incident, a man was killed in Tamil Nadu, as he had married an Upper caste girl.

The victim--Sankar, 21, was attacked with knives on the street, in broad daylight. He succumbed to the injuries.

Sankar had married Kausalya, 19, nearly eight months ago. He belonged to Pallar caste, and came from a poor family.

However, the girl's family was upset with the wedding, as they belonged to 'Upper Caste'. On Sunday, assailants came riding motorcycles and attacked the couple.

Both of them were injured in the attack. However, Sankar was brutally attacked and he died because of the injuries. His wife is undergoing treatment.

The incident occurred in full public view. However, no one could dare intervene or stop the attackers, who killed Shankar and then sped off.

The deceased's kin told journalists that Sankar had been receiving threats from the girl's kin as they were not happy with the marriage. It was a love marriage.

Even fifteen days ago, he had reportedly been threatened. Kausalya had refused to go back to her parents.

The couple had gone for shopping today when they were attacked. The police have begun investigation and hunt is on for the killers.

Inter-caste marriages often lead to violence and killings as Upper Caste families resent such marriages.

Though North India, particularly, Western UP and Haryana are notorious for casteist killings including honour killings, such incidents are often reported from Southern India too.

Photo courtesy: Hindustan Times
Link and photo: TheNewsMinute