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Thursday, March 03, 2016

Ishrat Jahan's killing was premeditated murder and IB had no previous input about her, says Indian Express report on fake encounter

Just when the allegedly fake encounter of Ishrat Jahan is making news, Indian Express has come up with the report, "SIT officer breaks silence".

The front page report quotes IPS officer Satish Verma, as saying that Ishrat's killing was a premeditated murder.

Ishrat Jahan was not a terrorist or fidayeen, says the report. It further quotes him that, "There was no input on Ishrat".

"These people were kept in illegal custody and then shot dead", Verma told The Indian Express.

"The bogey of nationalism and security is being raised to discredit a poor and innocent girl", he added. "..she was away from her home and family for only about 10 days after she came into conact with Javed Sheikh....It takes a long time to train ...even properly firing a 303 rifle takes 15 days..", he is further quoted in the IE report.

"Our investigation has found that Ishrat along with three others had been picked up by IB (Intelligence Bureau) days before the encounter".

"In fact, there was no intelligence input with the IB that a woman would be accompanying the alleged terrorists", Verma told The Indian Express. Of late, there have been claims and counter claims about the case.

READ the report AT THIS LINK


laughing said...

Haidley said she was LeT terrorist.
may be you don't read newspaper

editor said...

Headley didn't say it, 'Biryani fame' Ujjwal Nikam met the 'satyavaadi' Headly whom government easily let go, Nikam asked if he knew any woman for X organisation, he said he wasn't aware of any name, then Nikam claimed to have said, A, B or C. It is not so simple. Secondly, encounter was fake and there is no debate over it, just the aim is to defame her so as to help accused in getting reprieve.

PKB said...

I congratulate you for this excellent one-sided, blatantly partial blog! Absolutely no reference of interviews of Mr. Pillai and Mr. Mani. Great! You will definitely do good in life, of course at the cost of innocent people of the country.