Friday, March 18, 2016

Morphed images lead to arrest of two youths in Madhya Pradesh: Is law same for everyone in India?

Is law same for everyone in India? This question is asked quite often. 

Just now, two youths have been arrested in Madhya Pradesh for 'sharing morphed pictures'. It is not a holy person whose photo was morphed. 

But yes, Mohan Bhagwat, heads RSS that is the boss of the BJP which is ruling party in India. Morphing images is not a great idea.

However, that's something which has become quite common. It has become like cartoons. A politician not working efficiently and you put tortoise photograph in place of the torso.

Some morphing case are less innocent. However, it has acquired a sort of social sanction. The two youths were arrested and sent to jail. Now that's not so quick in general case. 

You're in trouble for sharing such content on Facebook or Twitter, if you're not with the right party. 

If you're with the 'right party' even complaint may not lead to FIR. Even if FIR registered you won't be arrested. 

And if you are really unlucky and arrested, you will get immediately bail and won't have to go to jail. Law is same for all, just application is different. So, there are factors that influence a lot. 


Courts may be independent but the first agency that puts onus or responsibility of committing an offence, making you an accused, is the police

1. And, the policemen always see who the person is? Is he well-connected, has an organisation or party behind or is influential in other ways.

2. The decision to whether just take an application and put it in abeyance or register FIR and the kind of sections that are to be applied, depends on these above mentioned factors. 

3. Further, if you are from certain unprivileged groups of the society, the cops would be prompt in taking action and more harsh. 

It all begins from here. And those who understand law and judiciary, can inform you better. Those who go through, will know it, themselves. No need for me to elaborate on it further.