Monday, March 28, 2016

RSS volunteers' twitter handle wants Hindus to avoid chicken at Karim's, stop business with Muslim: Hindutva Fascists' economic boycott plan for minorities!

A twitter handle @Rss_Org that claims to be an 'independent initiative of RSS swayamsevaks' has appealed to Hindus to avoid business with Muslims.

The handle that has more than 100,000 followers [1.05 lakh] on Twitter, said that Hindus must ask religion of every vendor even if it is about a mere Rupee 5 transaction.

It further said that Hindus should not eat chicken [meat!] at Karim's as they have alternatives--outlets run by the Hinduts.

The inflammatory tweets in a way appeal for economic boycott of Muslims. Also, it aims at creating divide between Hindus and Muslims, promoting religious enmity between them. But is this the RSS' vision?

The handle is run by 'RSS swayamsevaks'. In the past when a similar issue cropped up, RSS dissociated itself, saying it is not the 'official handle', but didn't condemn or seem action for communal tweets.

However, the fact that it is run by self-proclaimed RSS volunteers, reveals the mindset and thought process of the Sangh brigade.  It can't be dismissed as it also runs a website And, it is clear hate-speech.

The economic boycott idea is anti-national and divisive to say the least. Read the series of tweets:

*...Can you plz start boycotting Bangl(adeshi)/Muslim maids, rickshaw, auto, Kabadi wala, Barber etc?
*And please stop being orgasmic about "Karim's chicken. Rajinder's chicken is also there...satisfy your taste buds there.
*Stop funding ur death! Everytime u do any business, or take any service pls ask the name of vendor before transaction of even 5 rupees.

Isn't that serious? The reactions ranged from outrage to scorn. Some made fun of the Sangh-walas' love for chicken that they had to eat it anywhere, if not Muslim, then at a Hindu eatery. Others made fun of the 'regressive mentality'.

Many called it clearly, 'anti-national'. In the past, VHP leader Pravin Togadia, has made similar speech. Clearly, this is not something that is alien to the RSS. Togadia's speech had been reported in the media too. It can't be dismissed as childish or fantastic, as this is hate-filled Fascist agenda that is being put forward.

It will lead to further ghettoisation, if Hindus do business with Hindus, and Muslims deal with Muslims. This will further change complexion of Indian cities. If, such thought process is on, and people are working on it, then it is dangerous for the Indian society.

Already, there are such enclaves and if it grows, the gulf between the two major communities of India, will increase. Practically, it is not possible cent percent to divide Hindus and Muslims on the street, but such communal propaganda can hurt the country, in a big way, in the long run.