Thursday, March 17, 2016

Sectarianism among Indian Muslims: Deobandi-Barelvi schism widesn, ugly trend of not attending marriages and refusal to bury dead in graveyard

Sectarianism among Muslims in India has been growing lately. The differences between Barelvis and Deobandis are growing.

Lately, it has become a new trend to see wedding cards, having the clear message that 'people belonging to particular sects' shouldn't attend.

This card, which I just saw, is about a Muslim marriage in Madhya Pradesh. The aim is that if someone who has got the card 'mistakenly' and he/she belongs to other sect, they need not attend the event.

But, is it because you don't know the person [well enough and their ideological bent] and still send invitation? They claim that sometimes the person's sect is not known clearly and hence it is better to let them know, clearly that they aren't welcome.

Will attending the event, make your function unholy? This contrary to Islamic teachings. In fact, tis is height of bigotry.

The line in the card, "Deobandi, Wahabi, Sulah-e-Kul(i) hazraat ka aana sakht manaa hai". It further reads, "jinko ye bura lage, woh bhi na aayein".

This means that if you have got the card and though you share the same sect but you are offended and don't like this message printed despite being of 'own sect', please be away and don't grace the occasion. Isn't it madness!

In some places, the sectarianism is not as strong or is overlooked but in certain regions this has become a major issue. Another sad news came from Rajasthan. The notice on the boundary wall of a grave yard, says it clearly, "this qabristan belongs to Sunnis, Wahabis-Deobandis won't be buried here".

Now, that's condemnable. Even if there are differences, to disallow a dead person from getting burial, is shocking and shows mental bankruptcy. There is no way you can stop someone belonging to a different theological school, from attending events, let alone stopping the burial--extremely inhuman and insensitive act.

Worse, even if they consider Deobandis as different, not considering the latter as Sunni, is bizarre.
In fact, Muslims of all sects, have been getting buried in the same grave yards across the country, for centuries.

Earlier, there were isolated pockets where one heard of diktats from adherents of one sect, to avoid interaction with the other sect.

The incident came to fore after an old man, Mohammad Yusuf, 88, died.

As he didn't identify himself with any particular sect, the body was exhumed. The body had to be taken to Mandsaur in MP, for burial.

Later, a case was registered against the grave yard management. The Barelvis have been opposing Deobandis' burial in the graveyards in Chhattisgarh, for long. But this has been spreading to other regions.

Of late, it has become a trend to print it on wedding invitation cards that 'people from other sects should not even attend even if the card has reached them mistakenly'.

Stopping fellow Muslims from entering mosques is quite common in parts of MP, UP, Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh. Now, we hear it from Rajasthan too. SEE LINK