Sunday, March 27, 2016

Virat Kohli's march towards greatness, better batsman than Sachin Tendulkar in handling pressure: Steely nerves, dominance reminds of Viv Richards

It was sheer joy to watch Virat Kohli take India to victory against Australia in the quarter final of the T20 world cup.

Kohli was in complete command in the match and there was no way he could be stopped.

The era when Indian batsmen buckled under pressure is long gone but the manner in which Kohli dominated the scene today, was taking it to yet another level.

Match after match, Kohli has emerged as a match-winner but today he was in absolute control a as he steered India into the semi-final.

The asking rate, the bowler(s), the odds, nothing seemed to bother him.

The swashbuckling shots, the confidence and the command, reminded me of the great Viv Richards in his prime, who instilled fear in the minds of bowlers. When Viv was on the fields, one 

Just when it seemed that the asking rate was too high, Virat pulverized Faulkner. 19 runs in the over, changed the complexion of the match. Virat was now in full flow.

Isn't Virat Kohli better than Sachin Tendulkar in run-chase, handling pressure?

Nathan Counter-Nile got a taste of the belligerent batsman in his next over, as he conceded 16. Suddenly, the match was in India's favour.

Boundaries were coming effortlessly. The frustrated look on the faces of the bowlers said it all. They had no clue how to contain him.

India won with five bowls to remain. Kohli had hit 82 out of 51 balls and what once looked to be an uphill task, seemed so easy. Indians erupted in joy and came out on the streets to celebrate the victory.

Having seen the Gavsakar era, the Tendulkar age, the Dhoni era and now Virat's times, one can see clearly how Indian cricket has evolved. We were never short on talent but it was 'nerves' where we used to get beaten. 

Today, Indian cricket has reached the stage where our players have the confidence to achieve anything and now they have the nerves of steel to snatch victory, even in the toughest circumstances.

Virat Kohli heralds the dawn of this new era in Indian cricket.

Sachin was definitely the greatest batsman in terms of runs scored in Tests and ODIs but when it comes to handling pressure, chasing runs, Virat Kohli is surely better. Emotions aside, that's the truth.