Thursday, April 21, 2016

Grand conclave Simhastha 2016 begins at Ujjain: Why Ujjain Kumbh is known as Simhastha?

Simhastha--the Kumbh at Ujjain, is all set to start on April 22.

The Simhastha celebrations will continue for a month, ending on May 21.

The grand conclave, which is considered one of the biggest gatherings on earth, takes place in Ujjain every 12 years.

The Simhastha begins with the first 'Shahi Snan'. However, do you know why the Kumbh at Ujjain is known as Simhastha?

It is because of Zodiac--the planetary configurations.

Why is Ujjain Kumbh called Simhastha?

Simhastha is celebrated when Jupiter enters the sun sign Leo's quarter or the Simha constellation of zodiac.

Hence, the Ujjain Kumbh is known as Simhastha.

Ujjain is the seat of Mahakal, the god who drinks liquor. Legend goes that nectar fell during the 'Samudra Manthan' or the churning of the ocean.

In this churning, Gods and Demons were on different sides.

The story goes like that the nectar (Amrit) from the urn (Kumbh) fell at four places on earth.

These places were Hardwar, Prayag [Allahabad], Nasik and Ujjain. Periodically, the Kumbah is celebrated at these places, one after the other.

Millions of devotees including Sadhus and pilgrims from all over the country, and even outside, have reached the town.