Thursday, April 28, 2016

How to get your first 500 Twitter followers in just 5 days: Ten simple steps to get thousand followers in a month for free

This blog has been running for the last 15 years, and I rarely give social media tips.

However, as it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to get new followers on Twitter, here is a method.

There are many strategies that can be followed after you get your first hundred [100], 500 and 1000 followers. But how to get hundred or thousand followers?

That's an intelligent way, not a hack, but a perfectly legal system.

ONE Hundred followers in ONE day, Five Hundred Followers in FIVE days, Thousand in a MONTH, free, without buying followers, without spending a single penny or dollar or rupee

Read on:

1. You have a Twitter account and have barely 5, 20 and 50 followers in many months. You want more.

2. Go to the search box at the top, type the two letters as seen above 'follow back' and click on the search [lens sign]. Now there are various options, click on 'accounts'.

3. Chances are you will see 50-100 or even more accounts, most of them claiming that they 'follow back'. Just start following them in a go. It takes hardly 5-10 minutes. Now leave the place.

4. By the time you are back to yoour computer in an hour or six hours or 12 hours, most of them will have followed you back. Those who haven't, you can remind them, by a tweet, with @ as a prefix to the account.

5. As you follow back, more people will start following you. just follow everyone.

6. Once, this is over. Go to search again, type, 'I follow back', and search.

Now you will get another 100-150 accounts. Repeat the process and follow all. Most of them will follow back.

7. Hope you have 150-250 followers by now. That's sizeable and respectable figure. If you don't need such random followers, you just stop, as you have reached a good figure.

8. But if you want to reach 500 or 1000 followers first, before going for a serious Twitter experience, go ahead, search 'always follow back' and follow all the accounts you find.

9. Your followers' number has risen staggeringly by now, hopefully, unless you are too unlucky.

10. Be imaginative, try similar words and combinations, you will see that your Twitter following has increased sharply, drastically and significantly. Yes. Say thank you, like this page or share, if you liked this information, which nobody told you, before.


*Later, when you want to purge, just check those who didn't follow, you can un-follow them.
*The accounts that are useless or tweet nonsense or send obscene photos or irritating stuff, you can simply 'mute' them, so that they remain in the list as your followers but won't bother you.