Monday, April 04, 2016

'Jungle Raj' in Rajasthan: Lawlessness, rise in atrocities on Dalits in BJP-ruled State

One after the other, shocking incidents of crimes and atrocities on the Dalits are being reported from Rajasthan.

The latest incident has occurred in Chittorgarh where three Dalit boys were stripped and beaten up publicly.

'Vigilante justice': Dalit boys stripped, beaten

The photographs are shocking and it is not proper to share them. Surprisingly, there has been no major action so far.

The boys were suspected of stealing, but the minors were publicly stripped--it is nothing but total lawlessness--The Rule of the Jungle.

Innocent Kashmiri students were arrested for no fault

This is the same district where Kashmiri students were arrested by police for no fault. There was a false allegation that they had cooked beef. It was finally proved that beef was not cooked at all.

However, police said that they had to arrest the youths for 'their safety' from the right-wing elements on the campus.

Doesn't it show that the Rajasthan police are subservient to the trouble-makers and the beef vigilantes. Innocents were made the accused?

Institutional killing: The case of Delta Meghwal

The murder of teenaged girl Delta Meghwal has also been a major case that shows the insensitivity of the administration.

It is a clear case of institutional murder where the Jain college management is clearly at fault.

The teenaged girl was sent to 'clean' a male instructor's room. She was later allegedly raped and then killed.

The role of the authorities is questionable as for days no action was taken. A bandh call has been given in Barmer, in this regard.

Isn't it Jungle-Raj in Rajasthan?