Thursday, April 28, 2016

No one can stop women from entering Haji Ali Dargah or any other Muslim shrine

No one can stop women from entering a Dargah.

The Sufi shrines have always kept their doors open to everyone.

The decision of the Haji Ali dargah trust, a few years ago, to change the rules is unfortunate.

They have barred the entry of women inside the Dargah, which is absolutely wrong.

Women have visited Dargahs across the country, for centuries. It is true that when there is a big crowd of devotees, it is difficult to manage them. But, there are other ways, not by banning women's entry.

In mosques too, women have every right to pray. But women can pray at home too. In big mosques like Jama Masjid, women are always around, sitting, praying. In Haj, Muslim men and women go together, perform all rituals and there is no restriction anywhere for women. 

In fact, there is no ban on women's entry anywhere and should not be. So who gives the authority to a Trust to impose such restrictions? Actvisit Trupti Desai's brigade has said that they would go inside the Dargah. They must be allowed to go and pay obeisance.

The Bhumata Brigade had recently opposed a similar ban on women's entry in Shani Shingapur temple in Maharashtra. They got support from different quarters of the society. Similarly, the unreasonable ban must be revoked at the Dargah.

This decision taken [by Trust] in 2011, must be changed. Women can't be stopped from entering any shrine, anywhere. This is a pure male chauvinistic decision that needs to be opposed and condemned at every forum. #HajiAli

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