Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Muslim girls excel in High school exam in Madhya Pradesh: Daughters of auto driver, scrap dealer make it to merit list

Muslim girls excelled in tenth board examination in Madhya Pradesh.

Nasira Mansoori, a student of Govindpura Girls' school, secured 580 marks out of 600.

She secured a place in the merit list [top ten] of the exam--results declared yesterday.

Her father sells scrap on his bicycle. Nasira said that often her mother had to borrow money from neighbours for buying her books.

The teenaged girl with a twinkle in her eyes says that she wants to study hard to become an officer, so that she can help the common and poor people in the society.

Similar is the story of Saima, whose name also figured in the merit list. Her father drives an auto-rickshaw. She says that her parents worked very hard to save money for her studies.

Talking to journalists she said that her family's financial condition was not good, and her parents made a lot of sacrifice, trying to ensure that she got good education.

Saima wants to become a medical practitioner, so that she could treat patients from the poor families [like ours, she says], who can't afford to go to good doctors.

One hopes that these girls are able to study ahead, and financial constraints [which often cause as a major hurdle] would not come in way, and they would be able to live their dreams.

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Photo Courtesy: Nav Dunia newspaper. Link: www.naidunia.com