Thursday, May 12, 2016

No action against Sakshi Maharaj, Babulal Gaur: Morality, corruption are non-issues for BJP!

No political party talks as much about morality as the BJP.

But when it comes to practicing it, BJP leaders are farthest.

In fact, its leadership appears most thick-skinned while dealing with complaints against its leaders.

Recently, controversial MP Sakshi Maharaj, got a girl's jeans unbuttoned in front of him. Lot of people were sitting around but the BJP MP wasn't bothered. TV channels shouted a bit, not as much as they do, but still, they raised the issue.

There was no response from the BJP. No action till date. But this isn't surprising. Anchors may yell and shout but BJP can't be forced to take action. They do things their way, and they rarely take action against their own party men, even if their action is criminal or offensive.

Just a few days back, former CM and current Home Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Babulal Gaur, was seen touching women inappropriately. The video clearly showed how Gaur was touching the women while boarding the bus.

One of the women, who is associated with BJP, later quit the party. But no action was taken. It was clearly an act of molestation, but it is BJP government and FIR can't be registered. So complaint was made but FIR was not registered by police officials.

The party also took no disciplinary action. The BJP knows that there is a limit to which TV-walas or paper-wals can shout and it isn't bothered much. It knows how much to allow and when to contain, and how.

The case of Sakshi Maharaj is also same. Under the IPC, it is a crime and he should have been booked. But he wasn't. There is a SP government in UP. BJP central leadership didn't take any action at all.

In a job scam, Haryana chief minister [Chuatala] gets into jail but a scam of the extent of Vyapam, that sees deaths, takes place, and the Chief Minister remains at the helm. Other parties can learn from BJP, shouldn't they?

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