Sunday, June 12, 2016

False reports, fuelling rumours on Kairana: Zee News leading BJP campaign for communalisation ahead of Uttar Pradesh election

Kairana, a town in Shamli district in Western UP, is suddenly in the news for wrong reasons.

"This is part of a big conspiracy. As UP election draw nearer, communal issues are being raised to create communal division", writes MediaVigil.

It regrets that while journalists should have exposed how false stories are being planted to spread communalism, the reality is that they (journalists) are part of the process to vitiate communal atmosphere.

Senior journalist Pankaj Chaturvedi [on his Facebook account] has mentioned that Muslim population increased in the town as Muslims affected in the Muzaffarnagar riots, came to setle down in Kairana.

Chaturvedi says that the story of 'killing of Hindus and exodus' is totally false and is a pure work of fiction. He mentions that many of them had died years ago, some as early as 20 years ago.

The list that is being circulated is false. "Madan Lal was killed 20 years ago, SP Jain died in 1991, Shri Chand in 1991, Subodh Jain in 2009, Sushil Garg in 2000 and Dr Sanjay Garg in 1998 and all those accused in these killings were Hindu".

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"Still, if people have left, then tough action should be taken and there should be a probe that includes people of civil society. Further, action should be taken against TV channels that are spreading hate and against those who are trying to inflame communal passions-- on one hand rumours, on the other arms' training camps".

For a party that is known for its strong propaganda arm, and which can turn 'Malda' into national issue, while failing to deal with Jat agitation or Patidar movement and violence that was thousand times more in scale.

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