Thursday, June 16, 2016

Raebareli man writes to President, complaining that Zee TV is spreading communal hatred in country, demands ban on channel

A man from Raibareli has written a letter to President Dr Pranab Mukherjee, demanding action on Zee TV.

The man--Mahdi Hasan Aini Qasmi, has written that Zee TV has been spreading hatred through its news stories, which is affecting communal harmony.

Qasmi has mentioned that some TV channels are indulging in vicious propaganda that is affecting the country.

But he has mentioned Zee TV specifically in the complaint. The letter in Hindi is attached with his email that has been sent to several media houses and journalists.

In India's democratic setup, the President may not order such an action, but Qasmi, who is pained with the coverage of TV channel, has written to the head of the state and the highest constitutional post in the country.

Zee TV has been facing flak for its coverage for quite sometime. Thousands have already signed the petition to ban Zee TV for airing 'biased and misleading journalism'.

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Qasmi's letter and its loose translation is here:



I am an Indian Muslim, my ancestors sacrificed their lives for freedom of the country.

 I belong to Nasirabad village in Raibareli, where people from each house participated in independence movement.

We tell the whole world with great pride that we are Indian Muslims. Whenever there is a threat to nation's integrity, we are ready to give our lives for the security of the nation.

Right now, attempts are being made to stoke communal passions in the country. Media has a role in vitiating the communal atmosphere and Zee TV is leading the pack, having taken up the task to spread falsehoods and hatred.

Such TV channels are weakening the foundation of our country, with their anti-national acts and their aim is to break the secular fabric of the country, by targeting the Ganja-Jamuni culture of the country.

These channels bring a bad name to the fourth estate. I urge  you to take cognisance of this complaint and order a ban on Zee News. Such a channel that spreads lies and wants to throw the nation into fires of communal hatred has no place in our country.

Mahdi Hasan Aini Qasmi,
Nasirabad, Raebareli (UP)