Thursday, June 09, 2016

This Bhopal man carries cool water in his auto-rickshaw throughout the summer

Mohammad Ansar is an auto-rickshaw driver in Bhopal.

Thorughout the summer season, he carries cool water in his auto.

When the auto is at the stand or is parked on the road side, the passengers, by-standers and people on the street, can quench their thirst.

The glass is attached to the rod in the auto-rickshaw, as you can see in the photograph.

Ansar carries around 20-30 litres of water in the auto. He brings it from his house.

Ansar has been carring water for the last three years. As he also remains on the road throughtout the day, he realised the need for water. Hence, he decided that he would carry cold water in the auto-rickshaw.

He says that he feels satisfied when someone who is thirsty and tired, drinks the water from his 'auto-pyaoo'. Bhopal-based newspaper Sandhya Prakash has carried the report about Ansar this year.

So what's the lesson?

That, any step, howsoever, small you take, for the benefit of others, is not small, and it goes a long way. You can do good, help others and earn people's blessings, even while conducting your routine job.

When you do something good, people not only realise its worth but you get returns in many forms--name, fame and also blessings. The biggest is the satisfaction and happiness that you are doing something, positive.