Tuesday, July 19, 2016

When Maoists terror strikes, no tears for martyrs, media too ignores it: The killers are termed 'Rebel', not militant or terrorist

Maoists killed ten CRPF commandos in Bihar, however, the news failed to interest media.

Initial figure was that 8 Cobra Commandos had been killed and later the figure rose to 10.

In a country like ours where those throwing stone at police or security personnel in Kashmir are termed terrorists, it is surprising that DEATH OF ARMY PERSONNEL hardly evokes any response.

Those who killed the CRPF jawans were NOT termed 'Terrorist' or even 'Militant'. The words used were 'REBEL' other than 'NAXALS' and Maoists. The double standards are clearly visible. There is no love for soldier's life.

A soldier or a jawan killed anywhere in India doesn't anger you. You care least for his life. It's harsh but it's a fact. But you only get agitated in Kashmir, because here it has been termed a 'Hindu-Muslim problem'.

No tears for Martyrs

There were no tears shed for the jawans. In fact, 'national' media and newspapers ignored the news. For TV channels that are quick to call administration in Bihar, synonymous to 'Jungle-Raj' after every crime, such killings didn't lead to any fury.

One national paper gave it 'six lines' in brief on front page at the bottom. The other national paper too gave it similar treatment--brief on front page. The third national newspaper didn't have it on front page, at all.

So when there is no Hindu-Muslim issue, you are indifferent. Just like Article 370 which angers you. But Article 371 is not of your concern. That you can't go to some North Eastern states without permit, doesn't bother you because these three states don't have the same communal angle here.

[Photo is symbolic, for representational purpose only]