Saturday, October 29, 2016

Gujarat massacre mastermind Babu Bajrangi gets bail 14th time: Where is the anger, media coverage, outrage?

Once again, Babu Bajrangi, has managed to get the bail.

Not first or second, it is 14th time that the convicted criminal has secured bail from the court.

Where is the outrage? 

Now, who is Babu Bajrangi. Not an ordinary criminal but someone who has been sentenced to life for committing one of the most grisly massacres in India.

As many as 97 persons were killed in the massacre in Ahmedabad during the Gujarat 2002 pogrom.

The man who had admitted on camera that he had raped, killed and set afire Muslim men and women.  Bajrangi was convicted in the Naroda Patiya killings and was sentenced to life imprisonment.

But, both Maya Kodnani and Bajrangi have been getting bails and are able to come out of jail on parole.

Sanjay Dutt, despite facing trial in TADA case, managed to get released on bail and parole too.
Similarly, terror accused--Asimanand and other co-accused also managed to get bail. Of course, there was no hue and cry.

When was the outrage seen? It was in the case of Shahabuddin, as if the unthinkable had happened and heavens had fallen. Clearly, law is not blind or emotionless. The names matter. The faces  matter.

If a face is close to a ruling party, then a crime of any magnitude would be pardoned. Isn't it?

LINK: Bajrangi gets relief, obtains bail from Court