Saturday, October 29, 2016

Sectarianism hurting Indian Muslims: Milli Council convention urges Muslims to shun sectarian differences, unite

The Milli Council's convention that was held in Bhopal, gave a call to Muslims to shun their sectarian differences.

"All attempts are being made to blow up minor sectarian issues and create greater conflict between Islamic sects", read the first line of the resolution passed in the two day conclave.

"The sectarian issues are hurting Muslims in a big way and they are being used to weaken the community, at a time when communal elements are trying their best to muzzle the voice and trample upon the rights of the minorities".

The Milli Council's meet agreed upon the point to bring leaders, clergymen, politicians and other heads together and run a 'Karwaan' in different states.

The aim is to defeat the grand design to divide Muslims by raising sectarian issues. Resolutions were also passed regarding the stand against any attempt to push Uniform Civil Code and against changes in history and educational policies.

"This is a fascist conspiracy. The aim is that Muslims fight among themselves, their energies directed towards finding faults with other sects and in process turning their eyes from the real attack on their constitutional rights".

This was the 18th conclave of the All India Milli Council, which is a platform of Muslim clergy, leaders and intelligentsia. Nearly, 250 delegates from all over India attended the event, which was held in Imperial Sabre hotel in  Bhopal.