Saturday, October 15, 2016

Shivraj Chouhan govt 'forgets' Muslim martyrs: Media reports force officials to wake up, accept 'mistake', promise to rectify the error

The Madhya Pradesh government built a huge memorial in memory of its brave soldiers but forgot the Muslim martyrs.

Param Vir Chakra Abdul Hamid and Brigadier Usman whose tales of valour are known to everybody in the country, were 'forgotten'.

Madhya Pradesh government sayss that while there are many war memorials in the country, it is the first memorial that commemorates the tales of bravery of Indian soldiers. Journalist Alok Pandey's report in Hindi newspaper Patrika [see above].

However, the Culture department of the MP government didn't provide a space to these legendary figures of Indian army. The 'Shaurya Smarak' has been built by MP government on a vast land at Arera Hills.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, especially, came to Bhopal, to inaugurate the memorial. After newspaper reports mentioned how these great martyrs did not find a place in the gallery of great soldiers, the MP government accepted the 'mistake'.

Such an innocent error! No tale of brave men of Indian army is complete without a mention of 'Naushera ka Sher' Brigadeir Usman and Abdul Hamid. The latter had single-handedly destroyed the 'famed' Patton tanks of Pakistan.

Patrika, the mass circulated Hindi newspaper, carried the story as lead on its front page. Subsequently, Culture department Principal Secretary (PS) Manoj Srivastava admitted the mistake and said that the mistake would be corrected.