Tuesday, November 08, 2016

BJP won election on development plank but doesn't know anything except divisive politics!

The BJP came to power on the development plank.

It had fought the Lok Sabha election, claiming that its slogan was, 'Sabka sath, Sabka vikas'.

It meant that the party had claimed voters' support for an inclusive growth and developmental model.

But, as soon as it came to power, it steadily got back to divisive politics.

You may claim otherwise but it seems that the BJP can't do without raising issues that divide society.

Senior journalist Dilip C Mandal, in a Facebook post, wrote:

Issues BJP govt likes, wants you to discuss--Pakistan, Triple Talaq, Uniform Civil Code, Cow, Muslims, Army, Communalism et al. On TV channels, 90% debates will be on these subjects.

Issues that irk BJP and it doesn't want focus on them include--Inflation, Illiteracy, Corruption, Unemployment, Farmers suicides, poor state of health education, casteism, crimes against Dalits ands other backward sections, etc. Channels won't talk about them.

In fact, he suggests that TV channels are also part of the game: one group takes 'secular' position, the other takes 'non-secular' position, which not just divide society but shift focus from the real issues.

It seems that BJP is yet to learn that it is not just a political party but that it wins elections in states and at the Centre, and it needs to govern, to administer, to run the country.

Call me a critic. Yes, I am not a BJP fan. But why is your focus not on development. You lose Delhi and you go after Arvind Kejriwal and his party, in such a cheap manner that doesn't behove a national party.

Every few months there would be a state election and the strategy to win poll is nothing but to 'divide' voter. Hence, development is left behind somewhere. Barely two more years you have.

You hope to polarise, divide and exploit patritotic feelings to win again in 2019. But, be realistic. Ask yourself, what have you done on developmental front. Where is inclusive development?

If only the focus was right, you could have won admirers from the opposite camp also. But it seems that you are yet to learn any other method--apart from communal divisions an controversial issues, to stay afloat in politics.