Friday, November 25, 2016

Muslims gift land for temple construction project in Rajasthan: Communal Harmony Project-34

In another example of communal harmony, Muslims in a Rajasthan village gave away over 1.5 bigha land for a temple.

This has appened in Kolida, a village, near Sikar town. The chunk of land was gifted to Hindu community for temple construction project.

The deputy sapranch, Mohammad Ishaq, came to know that the Hindu community that was planning extension of temple and didn't have land availabale in the vicinity.

Ishaq told other members of the Muslim community in the village about it. Everyone agreed and it was unanimously decided that the part of the chunk of land that belongs to the graveyard would be gifted to the Hindu community for the project.

The temple was adjoining the graveyard land in the same village. Initially, it was a small temple. Later, the villagers began construction and the extension required more land. The Hindu community has thanked Muslims for the gesture.

There have been incidents in the past when people have given away land to other community.

Earlier too Hindus have donated land for construction of mosque or for grave yard, and Muslims have also donated land for temple construction.

However, the difference is that in Kolida [Rajasthan], it was not a person's individual decision.

It was community decision and it was land of the local Musslims. They felt that their Hindu brethren needed land and it was the right thing to do.

Overwhelmed, the members of the Hindu community in the town, have thanked and felicitated Muslims for their decision. See photo below.


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[Harmony exists all around us but is often ignored. Instead, stories of hate, discord and communalism get spread easily.

There are a million examples in our daily lives across India but they don't get promoted, hence, news of hate and discord gets heard more. Let's change it, now.

This is a small attempt to change it through Communal Harmony Project]

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