Sunday, January 22, 2017

Imam recites verses from Quran: Message to Donald Trump against racism, religious discrimination

A Muslim religious leader read out Quranic verses, giving a clear message to US President Donald Trump.

Imam Mohamed Magid was among the 26 religious leaders representing different faiths who were to participate in the service, which is a tradition from the times of George Washington.

Magid was expected to recite Azan but he chose to read out from the holy Quran.

The message was loud and clear. You have to respect the differences in colour, race and religion. ..the imam chose two passages from the Quran with clear political implications, especially at a time of racial and religious strife, when many American Muslims feel marginalized and mistrusted", mentions CNN.

Addressing the capitol's power brokers, including Trump's family and Vice President Michael Pence, Magid read first in Arabic and then provided an English translation. The first verse he read was from Surah Al-Hujarat, in which God says:

"O humankind, We have created you a single male and female (Adam and Eve) and made you into nations and tribes and communities, that you may know one another. Really, the most honored of you in the sight of God is the most righteous of you, and God has all knowledge..."

The second verse he read was from Surah Ar-Rum: And among the signs of God is the creation of heaven and earth, and the variation in your languages and your colors. Verily, in that are signs for those who know."

A spokesman for Magid said his recitation of the verses had been approved by officials at the Washington National Cathedral. "After the election, when a lot of things were said about Muslims, and there were questions about Muslims' loyalty, these verses were intended to convey the message that we must come together and respect diversity -- that God made us this way," said Rizwan Jaka, board chairman at the All Dulles Area Muslim Society.