Monday, February 27, 2017

Female Foeticide in India: MP village had no baby girl for decades, they were killed at birth

For decades, no girl child was allowed to be born. They were mostly killed at birth.

Finally, after 40 years, a girl born here is getting married.

While it's a welcome news, it also shows how rampant has been the killing of girl child in India.

This report tells us that villagers did not allow a girl child to survive.

A conspiracy of silence ensured no one complained to authorities, as every family was guilty, reports Shruti Tomar.

The situation started changing slightly after 2005. However, villagers are touchy about the subject. The girl Arti Gurjar is getting married this year.

People are excited as many never saw a girl's marriage and the rituals here. Such was the situation in Gumara that villagers didn’t allow any pregnant lady to come in contact with a woman who had given birth to a girl child.

READMP village infamous for foeticide to marry off daughter after 40 years

The women in this village were scared of chuna (lime), milk and tobacco while delivering a baby, because if a girl child was born, these items were used to kill her.

"I gave birth to a girl child 20 years ago, the family members didn’t dare to kill the girl child, but they forced me not to provide any food and care to her. My daughter died of starvation", says a woman.