Monday, June 26, 2017

Stop Lynching Muslims in India: Eid celebrated, Muslims wear Black Bands to protest killings

In an unprecedented show of solidarity with people who have been lynched across the country, Muslims across India wore a black band on their arms, on the day of Eid Ul Fitr.

It was a protest that that had no Muslim leaders or clerics behind it. The call was given by ordinary Muslims who have seen India turning into Lynch Land.

While celebrating Eid, Indian Muslims remembered how innocent Muslims have been lynched by self-styled cow vigilantes, right-wing extremist groups and radicalised mob over the period of last few months.

We remembered Junaid, the young Hafiz-e-Quran who was lynched in a train near Ballabhgarh.
We also remembered Pahlu Khan, who was killed by a mob in Rajasthan. 
We remembered Ghulam Muhammad who was lynched in Bulandshahar, too
We remembered Md Salman, Mazloom Ansari and all other innocents lynched.
We remember how Najeeb remains untraceable and his mother fights for justice.
We remembered Pappu who was killed after returning from Taravih prayers
We remembered Abu Hanifah, Riazuddin, Md Nayeem, Sajjad, Alim, Md Siraj...
We remembered Minhaj Ansari, Imtiaz...
We remembered Md Akhlaq, Zahir Ahmad...
We remembered Noman...

And all others who were killed by vigilantes or those who false accused victims of consuming beef or carrying bovines or for similar reasons.

In the last few months, the lynching incidents have occurred all over North India.

We see right-wing extremists have taken over administration and killers are let off easily.

While praying in the Idgahs and mosques, Muslims prayed for the safety of Indians, prosperity for the entire country and also prayed to God to save Muslims from the lynch mob.

On Facebook and Twitter, the photographs were uploaded to tell the government to wake up and rein in the killers.

The hashtags like #BlackbandagainstLynchRaj and #StopKillingMuslims began trending from Sunday evening.

Even in foreign countries--USA and Gulf, NRIs wore black bands as mark of solidarity. Let's vow to uphold democratic values, fight against fascism and make efforts to save our country.

Save India. Save Humanity.