Saturday, June 17, 2017

Will Rajasthan showcase lynching incidents, extremists' arms training camps, extremists' acts to attract Tourists?

Rajasthan is considered among the most tourist friendly states in the country.

But lately, incidents of lynchings, mob attacks, vigilantism and right-wing group's terror camp is keeping it in the news.

Law-and-order seems to have collapsed in this state. An elderly man, Pahlu Khan, was lynched in Rajasthan.

But Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje didn't speak a word, despite wide criticism. Mob attacks and vigilantism are becoming increasingly common in the State.

People with saffron bands can attack a hotel, believing that it served beef (though lab tests later confirmed it was chicken) and thrash a woman, forcing her to say 'Jai Shree Ram'.

Then, Bajrang Dal activists openly impart arms' training to youngsters. A middle-aged man who tries to stop people from taking photographs of women who were going for defecation, gets lynched. The authorities aren't interested in taking action.

Is this how Rajasthan will showcase itself? The reputation of Rajasthan is getting sullied. The state is now getting known for crumbling law-and-order and reign of right-wing lumpens who seem to have become law unto themselves.

They may not be worried about innocents getting murdered and vigilantes taking over from police and administration. But do Union government and Rajasthan authorities realise the danger of such negative publicity?

Rajasthan seems to be giving competition to Jharkhand and UP in such incidents. In fact, it is faring worse.

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