Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Terror in Haryana: 38 killed in statewide violence after Dera chief's conviction in rape case

38 people were killed after Dera Sacha Sauda chief was held guilty of rape and sexual exploitation.

*Entire Haryana was on the boil, hundreds were injured. 38 persons killed in the violence.

*People killed, bodies lying on the streets, vehicles burnt in Panchkula, violence in many towns.

*Violence on the streets in Haryana, parts of Punjab, Delhi and UP.

*Army had to be called out, policemen were attacked at several places.

*High Court chided Centre as well as State government for failure.

*Other than Panchkula, violence in Hisar, Sirsa, many other towns in Haryana too.

*Railway stations burnt, train compartments, buses, set afire. Arson in Delhi also.

*Arson, attacks in Punjab too.

*AK 47 assault rifle, revolvers, rifles seized from Gurmeet Singh's vehicles.

*Cases registered against 30,000 persons

*Hotels, buildings, petrol pumps, burnt. In Delhi, at least ten DTC buses burnt.

Also, two bogeys of Rewa Express at Anand Vihar Terminus burnt.

*Violence in Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh too.

If this is not terror, then what else is?

Dera Sacha Sauda is a cult led by self-styled spiritual guru or Godman Gurmeet Singh Ram Raheem.

The Dera chief has been accused of murders too. The journalist who wrote against Dera, was killed.

There have been allegations that Sadhvis were sexually exploited in Ashram. Also, men in the inner circle were made impotent.

The Dera chief lived a lavish life, dressed as Pop artiste, made movies and acted as hero. Political parties went to him to get his support as dera has a strong following.

It is a shame that despite such accusations, he remained influential and enjoyed excellent rapport with top politicians of the country.

PM, CM and senior BJP, Congress leaders either met him and had photographs with him or congratulated him for his 'social work'.

Of late, he had been close to BJP but this failed to get him any reprieve. He has been convicted and given 20 year sentence. After he was held guilty, entire Haryana was on boil.

[Photo courtesy: Jaipal Singh, Indian Express]