Saturday, September 23, 2017

Growing radicalization in Indian society: Shocking level of hate towards Rohingyas, other victims of violence

Indian govt doesn't want Rohingya refugees, that's the official stand.

It is government view, fine.

You don't like Rohingyas, it's your personal view, fine.

But if you hate them, call them 'criminals', enjoy demonising them, keep posting sick views, unable to suppress your feelings of hate towards humans in distress, shows the level of dehumanizing.

Lot of my 'friends' doing it, they even include women who seem to like (sic) pictures of suffering, fleeing men and women, children.

They are not moved by the images, stories of horror, in fact, there is an element of glee. If human sufferings--of women, kids don't move you, it shows  level of radicalization in sections of society, which was known to be TOLERANT.

Even during Syrian refugee crisis, there was to an extent this attitude that was visible on internet. But after Rohingya exodus, it manifests itself more clearly.

All very normal people, friends, Hindi journalists, who demonize the victims, can't conceal glee, when women-children suffer.

This hate overcomes everything and dehumanizes. It is a dangerous signal for Hinduism and Hindu society. A society that was once known for certain values, degrading. There are levels of sickness.

It's a symptom. Now we know what many people around us, 'friends', believe in--their real dark feelings--once they perhaps felt shy about expressing publicly. But now they can.

No leaders--social, political, spiritual or any reformer-statesmen in real sense. With minnows (as far as leaders are concerned) and bigots around, little hope for society.

When you are on the brink of getting de-humanised, it is really serious and strangely you don't realise what it can do to your society. Treat if you realise it.