Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Duo arrested for slaughtering calf: Aim was to create communal tension but UP police took prompt action, foiled it

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Two persons have been caught for cow slaughter in Uttar Pradesh.

The accused--Ram Sewak Dixit and Mangal Dixit, have been arrested.

It was a person passing by the area, who saw the duo performing the slaughter in the field, when he informed the police.

Prompt action led to the arrest. Ram Sewak Dixit was caught red-handed, with blood on his hands and the sharp-edged weapon.

The aim was to cause a riot, reports Hindi newspapers. The links to some of the reports can be seen below.

Mercifully, it was a local resident [a Hindu man] who witnessed the scene, and informed Dial 100. Else, it could have led to communal tension or possibly a riot. After all, in any such case, the blame goes on Muslims.

Who would have believed that it was 'a conspiracy' to engineer a riot. Perhaps, the aim would have been to settle scores with someone, a neighbour whom they had old enmity, or long-term plan to cause riot and that would be used to grab land of Muslims and loot property.

Whatever, one hopes that the police probe would lead to more disclosures as to what was going on in the minds of the duo, that they committed the act. Even Sudarshan TV channels' website had to praise the 'fair and unbiased police action, notwithstanding the religion and caste of accused' [LINK].

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