Monday, October 02, 2017

Terrorism in America, West: Major terror attacks by White men, media terms them 'shooter' or 'gunmen'

As many as 50 persons were killed in one of the worst shooting incidents in American history.

But media was not using the word 'Terror'.

The person--even after his name appeared, remained a 'suspect'. That's how media functions.

If a brown, black, Asian is suspect, he is quickly the terrorist. Else, the word Terror is not even thought of. Even terms like 'extremist' are not used.

Wade Michael Page, Anders Breivik, James Holmes and Dylann Roof are never described as terrorists.

Rather, they are called 'Insane gunman', 'White supremacist', 'Temple shooter', 'Extremist' or 'Fundamentalist' in the media reports.

This practice is followed in all respectable TV channels, newspapers and websites.

There is quick conclusion that the White man was 'psychologically upset' or had a 'disturbed' childhood or was a 'lonely person'. Hence, terms like White supremacist, Insane gunman or Shooter are used.

That's journalism in 21st century. For more, do check posts on this blog.


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