Friday, February 02, 2018

No action, No FIR, No outrage over Rakesh Sinha's open threat during live TV debate

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) 'thinker' Prof Rakesh Sinha made a highly objectionable statement on TV.

During a debate, he alleged issued the threat. He clearly gave the warning that, 'you won't be able to survive for more than 15 seconds'.

Surprisingly, this didn't lead to much outrage. Media largely ignored it. A few websites did cover it, for example, Janta Ka Reporter. There was no action, no FIR and not even any attempt to make him apologise.

"Sinha told the panelist representing the AIMIM, “I am not even talking about Asim Waqar (from AIMIM) whose leader (Akbaruddin Owaisi) wanted police removed for 15 minutes. I am saying that if there’s a retaliation against them, forget 15 minutes, you wouldn’t even survive 15 seconds", reports the website.

"Sinha later told Janta Ka Reporter that his comments were not intended towards Muslims adding that he was merely referring to the AIMIM leaders", the website further mentions. Still, wasn't it a threat? Didn't he make the comments? The video is quite clear that he gave the threat.

This is in sharp contrast to AIMIM leader Akbar Owaisi's statement when he faced multiple FIRs and had led to debate on national TV channels, which continued for days.

Akbar Owaisi was arrested and had to go to jail. Surprisingly, Rakesh Sinha's comments--not in a rally but in TV studio and telecast live, caused little outrage.

This was during a debate on News24 channel. Sinha talked about AIMIM and then said that not 15 minutes, they would not be able to stand even for 15 seconds in case of retaliation. The line was
'.... 15 second nahi tik payenge......'

Clearly, there are double standards. Not only media ignored it and paid little attention, the authorities had no interest in such an open display of bigotry and warning. Else, we find people getting booked for sedition even when there is little evidence.

Watch him utter the lines after 17.45 minutes in this video below:

VIDEO: Rakesh Sinha's chilling warning on TV channel