Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Hindu-Muslim communalism, religious politics over Temple-mosque: Can it ever go away in India?

Will communalism ever go away or decline in India?

For almost 32 years now, issues like Ram Temple have driven Indian politics.

In the last couple of decades, TV channels have played a dangerous game and exploited these fault-lines, even more. And this doesn't seem to end.

Now, there is Kashmir, AMU, Cow, Non-vegetarian food, Muslim customs and traditions in addition to existing debates on Yoga or Vande Mataram.

There is so much cacophony and propaganda. Round the clock, TV fuels communal passions. This is done purposely.

Still, sometimes you feel, may be the next generation will get fed up of communal politics or non-issues. But how? It is carried on. From mid-80s to early 90s, when I grew up and witnessed the tumultous era, in boyhood-teenage years, it was the same: the Hindu-Muslim thing.

Next generation is also fed on the same thing, grows up, the same debates all over, again and again around us. Those who grew up in 1995-2005 or 2005-2015, for them these issues are new. Will forever sell, remain fresh in this country.

For every coming generation, its the same. They learn, imbibe and for them it's new. So I may be tired of this after hearing it for decades, but for youngsters it's something new and it will take them years before they may get bored.

So thirty years ago when there was no cable TV, boys had same biases. In each generation, we'd hear that the coming generation would have nothing to do with religion. Yet, even today, schoolboys, teens or from those on social media, you get exactly same biases.

And, politically what has changed! Then also Muslims were told to be silent, be with Congress, not go elsewhere. Even today, you're patronised and sermonized, expectations remain same from others and your own. Be silent, how dare question Congress, are you paid agent. Try to understand! Wahi sab