Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Dainik Bhaskar group fails journalists again, closing its English daily DB Post

Yet another sad news from Central India.

Especially, for journalists and English media, the readers and writers.

Dainik Bhaskar group is closing down its English daily newspaper, DB Post.

Dozens of journalists' set to lose jobs as a big group takes decision but no Journalist association in Bhopal or MP will speak for them.

Is it because they feel it will jeopardize their job prospects in future if they need job in the group's Hindi daily. Print is still viable in these regions. They've own issues but hurt the entire industry and journalists.

I have no personal reason to raise the issue but as a journalist and as a reader, I want everyone to speak up when this is happening--for the sake of other journalists and for the print media. Speaking for others is important.

This happens every time. What courage, if you can't speak for own people? Can't condemn or pass even a resolution, the most basic step. The worst is that they do it again and again & this sends wrong signal that the print is not viable--though it's not the reason

The modus operandi is the same. Those who have been told will not speak up, as they are right now worried about finding new job. Management guys know tricks, how to ensure that they don't oppose, condemn, file case in labour court or other measures, by keeping some hope alive.

So the promise to absorb some and a few months' salaries for rest. Let's see how it goes. After Hindustan Times closing down its editions and the closure of Telegraph-HT editions in Bihar, it's another jolt to print media.