Wednesday, December 19, 2018

IAS officer shows that sycophancy, servility is the way to become powerful bureaucrat in India

What's the sure-shot way to get 'success' as a bureaucrat, if the definition of success is money and power and your sole aim is to call the shots in administration!

Those who have been in Madhya Pradesh, are well aware of how it can happen.

After all, the most powerful bureaucrat in the state, has just now lost his 'power'.

Though he had retired long back, he remained powerful and was appointed on contract.

This is quite a long story, tells how section of bureaucracy works.Years ago, during election, an officer sat at a powerful politician's feet, in full public view. This brought him bad press and also earned EC ire for a while.

But that was nothing compared to the benefits that were to come in later years. He went on to become most powerful IAS officer in Madhya Pradesh. So much that his word became the law. Anyone may be principal secretary or head of another department, the real power was with this guy.

So how's that--isn't such show of loyalty worth it? This has an impact on young officers who see and learn that the way to attaining power & success, fast, is to be someone's guy, throw rule book out and just do all the malpractices--servility and sycophancy, closing eyes to corruption, rather than toiling hard & live your life with idealism.

So even after retirement, got reappointed on the post on contract, remained till last day of the regime. I haven't named anyone as yet. Have I? Those who have interest in understanding this aspect of bureaucracy, can read veteran journalist's account here LINK