Friday, September 06, 2019

Islamophobia in Hindi newspapers: Front page report reveals bigotry under the garb of journalism

How prejudices get reflected into newspapers, a lot is subtle or clever.

On Teacher's day, Hindi paper Dainik Bhaskar interviewed Yuval Noah Harari as Page 1 lead.

Reporter questions him about threat of technology getting into hands of 'Islamic nationalists and terrorists'?

If paper feels that 'nationalism' (or ultra-nationalism) is bad, then it has to be all nationalism, why just 'Islamic nationalism'. And if it is Terror, then do you link it just with one ideology or faith? Trying to push own agenda!

You are well aware of White nationalism, if extremism is concerned, you have the neo-Nazis and racists who are behind most shootings in USA. Even if one person pushes own agenda, Islamophobia, then where is the desk? On front page, a mass circulating Hindi paper, lets anything go

What context? Not the first incident. But must be a test case & for future as well. Serious lapse. Perhaps, when papers don't have diversity in newsrooms, it happens. Lapse. But, there are sub-editor, news editor for this!!!

If you claim to be India's top Hindi paper, at least, have basic understanding. Name all, Jew-Hindu-Islamic-Christian-Sikh-Buddhist-Jain, if you have to name. Or if you want to link it with just one faith and show bigotry, then let us be clear. Wonder if you will explain!