Saturday, November 28, 2020

How fake news is planted in newspapers: Role of Hindi media is spreading misinformation and passing off false claims as facts

This report that is being shared widely on the social media, is apparently from Dainik Jagran. 
It claims without any basis that these 'objectionable slogans' were raised during farmers' protest.
However, there is not even the 'exclamation mark' or 'Question mark'. The headline passes off a false and imaginary claim as true.

Inside the report, they clearly mention that it is 'not confirmed', also the cops deny anything about the slogan. 

But headline does it, it creates a wrong perception. That's how people are misinformed, propaganda & lies are given credence & due to the immense power--huge circulation and reach, the papers are able to create a false narrative

These papers that sells millions of copies, have been doing it for ages. Utterly shameful & disgusting. The report mentions three people--one of them, the MLA whose claim is basis of this story, didn't pick up phone. SSP is quoted that he didn't receive any such information and Additional SP too said that he was at the spot but not aware of such slogans. Yet, the newspaper spreads fake news.

For decades they have done it--if there is a demonstration in varsity campus or a Muslim-led protest, the 'journalist' sitting in his office, will imagine and write about 'seditious slogans' raised & will print it, no shame, no fear, no accountability.

Sadly, you find such weirdos and indoctrinated guys in most newsrooms across North India, their aim is to turn the entire society just like 'them' & they have been supplying this filth, such poison and been misinforming society through their reports--for as long as one remembers.

One paper publishes, other sites too pick it up and something that was non-existent, is shared through FB pages & passed off as 'news'. Every time it happens. Any other profession where there is no checks-balances, responsibility! That's Indian journalism, sadly.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Communalism in Indian Media: How Hindi newspapers, regional media created 'Love Jihad' bogey

When a Muslim youth changed his name & embraced Hinduism, the papers praised the act and write--religion no bar, love wins. 

Otherwise, even if there is no conversion & just a girl and boy with different faiths, marry, it's termed 'Love Jihad' & crime & conspiracy. 

More than politicians, it's the local media that is responsible for communalizing, spreading poison & hate. 

Strange it may seem to an outsider, but this entire campaign and propaganda against inter-faith marriages gets real push from media. 

In fact, most of the times, even if politicians want to avoid after a couple of days, the guys with the mike would insist and still ask the same question again & again, coming across the politician at his bungalow, at a meeting, on way to a public event, at Airport, or anywhere else.

If you want to seriously write about inter-faith marriages, you can get annual figures of your district, but no newspaper would even do this much. They will just peddle propaganda, theories and conspiracies. Not information from data regarding marriages under Special Marriage Act, records in the Collectorate. 

But the level of journalism is such that any marriage in which it's a Hindu girl marrying a Muslim boy, it gives heart burns to journos, and they on their own start mentioning that it is a case of 'Love Jihad', though the term has no legal basis.

India's investigating agencies have said it that there is no such concept and even a Union minister made it clear in the Parliament. However, the right-wing agenda continues. A 'Hindu girl going to a Muslim boy' is taken as a case of 'defeat', irrespective of the fact that many Muslim girls too marry Hindu boys.

Just see how without data or statistics, propaganda makes people believe that there are more marriages and 'our girls' are being snatched. And, all such theories, conspiracies get legitimized through newsrooms in regional papers. If you're in a newsroom, you have a responsibility.

In a society, where there are people from diverse sections, there will always be some inter-faith marriages. If you even want to debate it in a secular state, at least, talk on figures. But this is not even mentioned in papers. 

The journalists become representative of not just a religion, they take upon themselves the task to do moral policing, act like right-wing fringe and flag-bearers of majoritarian fascism, blaming Muslims and giving this shameful perception that 'Muslims deliberately lure Hindu girls' or as if 'Hindu girls are eager to go to Muslim boys' (sic).

Friday, November 13, 2020

How to form political connections, gain clout and establish yourself in society: Learn the most basic model from Mr Agrawal


Shams Ur Rehman Alavi
Agrawal Sb is just an 'active' citizen. Always having important numbers & ready to make call to police station, a municipal official or minister's bungalow.
He presents himself as a man who ensures votes from entire housing society, in a candidate's favour, hence, gets attention. 
In fact, 1000-1500 votes that he claims from his entire locality, are not less, as this is more than the victory margin in closely fought polls.
He arranges visits of politicians to area & before MLA or leader's arrival, ensures that some people are ready--from guard to his trusted ones with garlands. 
Leader feels good, ensures that his representative, bungalow staff always respond to this man promptly. Interestingly. He (on behalf of others) makes similar promise to other important candidate too. Anyone wins, no issue.  In colony, he is not liked, people call him 'sharp' and 'go-getter' but when faced with an issue, seek his help. 
Though his community has less strength among the electorate, he is able to present self as important to all. It is about being active, smart & able to 'claim' and 'sell' others as your 'people'. Others too don't have an objection.
It is not even too much hard work, just systematically doing certain things over a period of time. And, it is mostly such people who are able to create 'clout', at a city level without doing great. Just marvel at those who 'manage' to do all this, find a way to become 'some sort of operators' in the city, region. 
You may feel it's petty but in times of need, it is important. Anything demands sustained work, cultivating people, yrs. It is not that politician doesn't know that any X, Y or Z can't get you votes. Who can? 
But, it's about claiming, arranging, playing the role of the 'in-between'. The netas also enjoy a show when in a locality they get genuine support from locals without party organisation or workers' involvement. There are many other models but this one is the most basic.

PHOTO: Aleksejs Bargmanis, Pexels