Saturday, November 28, 2020

How fake news is planted in newspapers: Role of Hindi media is spreading misinformation and passing off false claims as facts

This report that is being shared widely on the social media, is apparently from Dainik Jagran. 
It claims without any basis that these 'objectionable slogans' were raised during farmers' protest.
However, there is not even the 'exclamation mark' or 'Question mark'. The headline passes off a false and imaginary claim as true.

Inside the report, they clearly mention that it is 'not confirmed', also the cops deny anything about the slogan. 

But headline does it, it creates a wrong perception. That's how people are misinformed, propaganda & lies are given credence & due to the immense power--huge circulation and reach, the papers are able to create a false narrative

These papers that sells millions of copies, have been doing it for ages. Utterly shameful & disgusting. The report mentions three people--one of them, the MLA whose claim is basis of this story, didn't pick up phone. SSP is quoted that he didn't receive any such information and Additional SP too said that he was at the spot but not aware of such slogans. Yet, the newspaper spreads fake news.

For decades they have done it--if there is a demonstration in varsity campus or a Muslim-led protest, the 'journalist' sitting in his office, will imagine and write about 'seditious slogans' raised & will print it, no shame, no fear, no accountability.

Sadly, you find such weirdos and indoctrinated guys in most newsrooms across North India, their aim is to turn the entire society just like 'them' & they have been supplying this filth, such poison and been misinforming society through their reports--for as long as one remembers.

One paper publishes, other sites too pick it up and something that was non-existent, is shared through FB pages & passed off as 'news'. Every time it happens. Any other profession where there is no checks-balances, responsibility! That's Indian journalism, sadly.