Thursday, January 07, 2021

Right-wing majoritarianism can put countries at risk of law-and-order breakdown: Derailing democracies and parallels between India and USA

Shams Ur Rehman Alavi

The mob that gathered at Capitol Hill in United States of America, seems to have surprised Indian elite. 

There was 'amazement' that 'see it can happen there, so we...', as if nothing of that sort happens around us. 

Surprisingly, back home, the same vocal elite dosen't care if right-wing runs riot in our own country, able to get away with lynchings and even change public opinion besides vigilantism and pushing forward unjust laws that target minorities. 

Not long ago, a man --Afrzaul, was burnt alive and in killer's support, hundreds came out on the streets, they even went on rampage in the court premises. Recall, how cops were dealing with this mob. Quite softly. 

This was in Rajasthan a few years ago. Right-wing, its core feel it owns the country, anywhere. The right-wing core that may not even comprise a majority, but it draws its power from the 'majority' & feel it is 'patriot', owns all. 

'First class citizen' & 'second class citizen'. Officials behave differently to a mob in one case though can be harsh on victims in other case. Today, any person who throws a 'stone' is seen as the ultimate law-breaker. 

But when caste group's 'Sena' cadre was on streets, burning buses and pelting stones, it's office-bearers didn't need to run away, as if they felt they 'owned' the nation enough and that it's delegation could honorably go & meet Home Secretary.

Just watch out, the next time, some outfit belonging to 'privileged' or majority community indulges in stone pelting or arson, nobody would even talk about 'seizing property', arrests or suggestions about life term for it. 

So even after Rajasthan rampage in society, papers-people were not upset. No conversations were heard that 'these people are doing too much'. This is the normalization. They fell, 'we own the country, our people even if the do wrong, they've the right...our land'. Majoritarianism.

Unfortunately, it is not seriously taken. Media creates the perception and hence minority or marginalised groups get demonised but the mainstream bigotry and vandalism is ignored. There is definitely a threat to the nations. 

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